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With The Best is the biggest Online Conference Series for developers by developers. 

Join leading CTOs and some of the most esteemed experts in software engineering for exclusive live coding sessions and benefit from individual mentoring.

With The Best brings the world's top developers directly to your home.
Live talks
Multiple thirty-minute sessions on the given topic with live coding or demos.s
1-to-1 sessions
Live video mentoring sessions with selected expert(s). Book a mentor for 25 minutes.
Q&A Forum where both experts and attendees can share knowledge, files and resources.
Replay + Slides
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Our speakers

Previous Speakers at With The Best Conferences
AI With The Best
Swift With The Best
Blockchain With The Best
Unity With The Best
Virtual Reality With The Best
Hadoop With The Best
IoT With The Best
AI With The Best

AI With The Best - 9/24/2016

Enrico Busto
CTO, add-for
Aurélien Nicolas
CTO, Deckard A.I.
Ian Goodfellow
Research Scientist, OpenAI
Vidya Venkiteswaran
Software Engineer, Delhivery
Pedro Domingos
Professor, University of Washington
Ori Shaashua
Co-Founder, Product, Neura
Christophe Bourguignat
Co-Founder, CEO, Zelros
Rose Yu
Ph.D. Student, University of Southern California
Grégoire Mesnil
CEO, Phoenixia Inc
Charles Ollion
CTO, Heuritech
Brennan White
Founder & CEO, Cortex
Angela Bassa
Data Scientist, EnerNOC
Rory Woods
Lead Data Scientist, Preteckt
Annie Lee
Data Scientist, VerticalScope
Nataliya Portman
Postdoc, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Daniel Ahmadizadeh
Co-Founder and CEO, Riley
Leila Wehbe
Postdoc, UC Berkeley
Vikrant Tomar
Co-Founder, Fluent
Christopher St John
CTO, Panamplify
Mayoore Jaiswal
Ph.D. Student, University of Washington
Xavier Vasques
Technical Director, IBM
Dan Lipert
Founder, Hyperlayer
Beerud Sheth
Co-Founder & CEO, GupShup/TeamChat
Konstantina Christakopoulou
Ph.D. Student, University of Minnesota
Frédéric Bastien
Analyst, University Montreal
Deborah Hanus
Ph.D. Student, Harvard University
Sabrina Atienza
Founder, Qurious.io
Mohammed Abdoolcarim
Director of Product, GoButler
Jaya Kawale
Researcher, Netflix
Dan Rubins
Co-Founder & CEO, Legal Robot
Nikunj Mehta
Founder & CEO, Falkonry
Anna Petrovskaya
Founder, Eonite Perception
Dung Phan
Lead Data Scientist, Cortez
Adam Gibson
CTO & Co-Founder, Skymind
Ingrid Daubechies
Professor, Duke
Jayani Withanawasam
Senior Software Engineer, Zaizi
Rand Hindi
Founder & CEO, Snips
Stéphane Bura
Founder & AI Architect, Weave.ai
Haneen Sader
Data Scientist, Imagry Co.
Gene Kogan
Adjunct Professor, Bennington College
Kalpesh Balar
Principal Member of Technical Staff, Coseer
Kunal Verma
CTO and Co-Founder, AppZen
Angie Ma
Data Scientist, ASI Data Science
Matt Taylor
OS Community Flag Bearer, Numenta
Eyal Amir
Founder, CEO, Data Scientist, Parknav
Anita Brede
CEO & Co-Founder, Iris AI
Cristina Soguero Ruiz
Researcher, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Hicham Tahiri
CEO, Smartly.ai
Joshua Montgomery
CEO, Mycroft AI
Christopher van Vleit
Cofounder & CEO, Track.tax
Dominik Dahlem
Lead Data Scientist, Boxever
Saatviga Sudhahar
Researcher, UB
Ahmad Qamar
Co-Founder, Deep Learning
Dave Wecker
Chief Architect, Quantum Eng
Maryam Siahbani
PhD Simon Fraser University
Genevera Allen
Assistant Professor, Rice
Curtis Northcutt
AI Researcher, Facebook
Rohit Pandey
Data Scientist, Microsoft Azure
Orkun Atik
Founder & CEO, Mona
Anima Anandkumar
Faculty, UCI
Parag Mital
Director MI, Kadenze
Joanne Jiang
Founder, LadyMarry
Alison B. Lowndes
AI Dev Relations, NVIDIA
Janani Kalyanam
Behnaz Abdollahi
ML Engineer, Gen Nine
Aerin Kim
Co-founder, BYOR Lab
Eleni Miltsakaki
Founder & CEO, Choosito!
Brent Eastwood
Founder & CEO, GovBrain Inc.
Marzia Polito
Staff Software Engineer, Google
Sepp Hochreiter
Head, Institute of Bioinformatics
Umut Demirezen
Cyber Security & Big Data, STM
Kamelia Aryafar
Senior Data Scientist, Etsy
Lorenza Saitta
Professor Emeritus, Università
Martin Bedard
Lead AI, Ubisoft
Mireia Farrus
Professor, UPF
Mounir Shita
Founder/CEO, Kimera Systems
Natalie Stanley
Researcher, UNC
Timnit Gebru
PhD, Stanford University
Peter Norvig
Research Director, Google
Dennis Mortensen
Founder, x.ai

Swift With The Best - 6/25/2016

Basel Farag
Mentor, Thinkful
Tobias Due Munk
Founder, Developmunk
Matt Faluotico
Software Developer, Xero
Logan Wright
iOS Developer, Intrepid Pursuits
Tiago Martinho
Agile SW Developer, XPeppers
Tanner Nelson
Senior Engineer, Qutheory
Mathias Claassen
iOS Developer, Xmartlabs
Zhigang Fang
Consultant, ThoughtWorks
Lucas Farah
Co-founder, Awesome-iOS
Aferdita Muriqi
Sr. Mobile Engineer, NYPL & iOS Professor, NYU
Kyle Jessup
CTO, PerfectlySoft
Martin Barreto
Co-Founder & CTO, Xmartlabs
Ayush Goel
Sr. Software Developer, Directi
Bruno Berisso
Sr. Software Developer, Tryolabs
Boris Bugling
Cocoa Developer, Contentful

Blockchain With The Best - 6/11/2016

Muneeb Ali
Co-founder, Blockstack Labs
Dan Rubins
Co-founder & CEO, Legal Robot
Joseph Lubin
Founder, Consensus Systems
Ethan Buchman
CTO, Tendermint
Mano Thanabalan
Blockchain Architect, Otonomus
William Kehl
Founder & President, Coinigy
Kobi Gurkan
Chief Scientist, Ownership
Kristen Stone
BD head, Coinbase
Patrick Salami
Founder & CTO, HitFin
Lead Dev & DOP, Shapeshift
Eva & Igor
UX/UI & Tech Lead, ConsenSys
Zach Ramsey
Platform Developer, Eris Industries
Josh Cincinnati
Developer Advocate, BlockCypher
Sergej Kotliar
Founder & CEO, Bitrefill
Adan Sanchez de Pedro
Chief Software Architect, Stampery
Nikolai Mushegian
CEO, Nexus Development
Mohit Kalra
CEO & Founder, Coinsecure
Wit Jackson
Software Engineer, Netki

Unity With The Best - 3/26/2016

John Collins
CEO at Kaio Interactive
Sarah Sexton
Tech Evangelist at Microsoft
Justin Link
Interactive Media Developer at Chronosapien Interactive
Lucy Gomez
Unity3D Development Instructor at SoftwareCamp
Charlie Helman
Senior Unity3D Developer at Wizards of the Coast
Alexander Birke
Founder at Out of Bounds Games
Claudia Doppioslash
Game Programmer & AI Researcher at Peer Stritzinger GmbH/Contafoe
Alice Ruppert
Game Developer at N-Dream AG
Vincent Vergonjeanne
Andy Touch
Tech Evangelist at Unity3D

VR With The Best - 3/19/2016

Sébastien Kuntz
Founder and President at MiddleVR
Nils Andersson
CTO at EON Reality
Federico Gonzalez
Co-Founder & CTO at VRTIFY
Marco Colombo
Software Engineer at Curve Digital
Martin Förtsch
Senior Software Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting & Intel
Dioselin Gonzalez
VR Senior Engineer at Unity3d
Amir Ebrahimi
Principal Software Engineer at Unity3D
Jason Jerald
Co-Founder & Principal Consultant at NextGen Interactions
Saswat Panda
Co-Founder, CTO at LiveLike
Alex Wendland
CTO @Luminopia

Hadoop With The Best - 3/12/2016

Krish Krishnan
Founder and CEO at Sixth Sense Advisors
Tony Shan
Global Big Data Consultant
Mark Mims
Principal Engineer at Silicon Valley Data Science
Tavo De León
Big Data Strategy and Solutions at Global Leader
Sujee Maniyam
Founder and Principal at Elephant Scale
Ron Bodkin
President and Founder at Think Big
Andrew Psaltis
Data Engineer at Shutterstock

IoT With The Best - 1/16/2016

Antonio Almeida
Developer & Product Evangelist at Relayr
Simon Tchedikian
CEO at Sevenhugs
Michael Hausenblas
Developer & Cloud Advocate at Metosphere
Rafael Zubairov
Technical Expert at DataArt
John Yeh
CEO at Link Instruments Inc.
David Isbitski
Chief Evangelist Alexa & Echo at Amazon
Jianling Weng
Co-Founder of Wearatec
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Founder of Designwarn
Wienke Giezeman
Initiator of The Things Network
Åke Hedman
Maintains the open source project, VSCP, and founder of Paradise of the Frog AB
Alessandro Bassi
PhD in Computer Science & Entrepreneur
Linda Drabik
Owner, Marencik Group & Organizer of IoT NY Meetup
Suniel Kumar
Founder at Nexiot

AI With The Best - 10/17/2015

Juergen Schmidhuber
Director & Professor at The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA - USI & SUPSI
Rand Hindi
Founder at Snips
Florent Aziosmanoff
Producer at Living Art
Ludovic Denoyer
Professor at UPMC
Ian Goodfellow
Senior Research Scientist at Google
Jean-Guillaume Fages
Sébastien Bratières
PhD Researcher, Statistical Machine Learning at University of Cambridge
Stéphane Doncieux
Professor at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Charlie Tang
PhD Graduate in AI at University of Toronto
Charles Ollion
CTO at Heuritech
Sylvain Robbiano
Research Associate at UCL
Toby Hocking
Post-Doctoral Researcher at McGill University
Aditya Khosla
Research Assistant at MIT


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